Thursday, August 30, 2012

Is any of this true?

An alert reader let us know that Sherry Whitmarsh has started posting again on her blog,
Here is her statement verbatim from her blog (in its entirety):

"When I was elected to the Mt. Diablo Unified School District Board of Education four short years ago, the community wanted change.  I’m a current parent of a student in the District and I can tell you that I examine District needs as a parent.  Of the incumbents remaining on the Board, I’m the only Board Member with a student in our schools.  I ask tough questions and I expect honest answers.  I study the issues carefully and I make thoughtful and reasoned decisions.
As your board member I have helped facilitate positive change in the District. Though the state has reduced the District’s budget, MDUSD has been able to maintain financial stability.  I have championed strategic planning and provided the leadership necessary to bring about needed change.
There is much more to do.  We must improve communications.  We must set high standards for staff.  We must eradicate waste and inefficiency.  We must set high expectations for student achievement and conduct.
With your vote I will continue to work hard to bring about the positive changes that our District so badly needs. If you have questions or concerns I can be reached at or 925-899-4731. Thank you."

Is any of this true?


  1. My personal favorite line is, "I ask tough questions and I expect honest answers".

    If you believe that I have a bridge to sell you.

  2. I support "No On Whitmarsh" and want more information about your campaign. Her ballot statement will say "Incumbent" which calls for a "throw the bum out" strategy. The only difficulty is to message the countless reasons: no strategic plan, two schools in the same low-income neighborhood closed, loss of Glenbrook SIG grant, loss of Holbrook which had over 800 API, no parcel tax, increased property tax for technology with no technology plan, no stability with teachers and principals during Whitmarsh's tenure, Program Improvement district, rudeness during board meetings, busing snafus and cuts, no agenda reports to estimate how much cuts might save, no accounting how much cuts and closing schools did save, no transparency for public records such as FCMAT report, and more...

  3. Anonymous Aug 31,

    More information will indeed be forthcoming. All of your points are excellent. We look forward to continuing this campaign.


    -John Doe