Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Whimarsh "Gates" Dictionary

The Dictionary of Whimarsh Involved "Gates"

A list of the various "Gates" Sherry has been associated with over the years

ButtercupGate (early 2010) - an allegedly illegal board meeting held at the Buttercup restaurant after a contentious CAC meeting.  The attendees are assumed to be Paul Strange, Gary Eberhart, Steve Lawrence, and Sherry Whitmarsh.  Gary (blogs) and Paul (Noce) have in some ways fessed up to being present when questioned directly about it.  Sherry to this day refuses to admit or deny she was present (a school teacher moonlighting as a teacher at the time is rumored to have seen and heard them all).   The topic of discussion was rumored to be Chevron's involvement in the Solar Project.

IllegalbondGate (early 2012) - after questioning about the legality of using bond proceeds for particular transactions, Sherry claims that the board received the legal analysis verbally from Greg Rolen.  Gary claims that the board has seen the legal analysis (no idea in what form).  Mayo claims the entire board received a written legal analysis according to local blogs.  Hansen says she never received anything.

SanRamonMarriottGate (????) - when the board is questioned about the costs of holding a retreat at the San Ramon Marriot, Sherry Whitmarsh claims to have access to an anonymous donor to pick up the entire tab.  This anonymous donor is not identified.   Later when the meeting is deemed to be illegal (all board meetings are required to occur within district boundaries) Sherry still refuses to identify the anonymous donor.

BoardDictatorGate (early 2012) - As board president, Sherry runs the board like Assad runs Syria.  Although every board member is theoretically an equal, Sherry refuses to place items on the agenda that do not further her personally.  Additionally she refuses to acknowledge proper points of order requested by Hansen.


  1. Here is a quote Sherry herself in her blog about San Ramon Marriott Gate,

    "I want to make sure that It was clear that the cost of the meeting room was $250, the district was not paying for it as I had secured a donation. There was no costs that the district would have occurred for the Marriott location."

  2. It's important to point out that a hotel, the cost, even the secret donor were not the real issue.

    The real issue: It is a violation of the Brown Act to hold a meeting of the board outside district boundaries.

    They were caught and challenged on it before they went, and they backed down and held the meeting within the district boundaries.


    This is excerpted from Email sent at that time to all board members and the Superintendent:

    "...It is a violation of the Brown Act for the board to meet outside district boundaries."

    Reply from Dr Lawrence: "The error has been corrected. The meeting will be held at the Dent Center."


    We need to watch more carefully. Call Whitmarsh and the board out on every violation of the Brown Act, or any Ed Code or Govt Code violation. Try to do it based on the published Agenda BEFORE the meeting, AND on every UN-published document that gets presented at the meeting.

    There are time limits. Get it on the official record as soon as you see it. (Emails are official records)

    Each and EVERY time you see an error, or perceive an upcoming violation,
    --E-mail the Superintendent and every board member --copy it to ALL local blogs stating that:
    Here is an Email just sent to "x" "y" "z", etc.

    Remember--few may comment, but many people read!