Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Is Sherry Whitmarsh Heartless?

Click on this link for video of the latest board meeting:

After watching this and knowing that Sherry hasn't yet apologized, do you think that she has a heart?


  1. Sherry has now posted on her blog after a long, long hiatus

  2. You want to see how she champions "open communication" on her Blog? Challenge her!

    She and the board have the authority to require Lawrence to accept and publish the FCMAT reports -now-.

    She helps set the agenda. Ask her why she doesn't INSIST that staff publish all attachments early enough for the public to study the full facts of what will be presented.

    Ask her, under what authority does she ignore "points of order" or requests to have items placed on the agenda.

    Ask her what killed progress on the Strategic Plan.

    Ask her exactly how much was saved in closing two schools, while adding half million dollar Meehleis Module buildings at others, and now deciding to shuffle kids around at a half dozen schools to alleviate over crowding, while the Modules built in 2006 sit empty at closed sites.

    Just keep asking. Good luck on getting straight answers.