Thursday, September 6, 2012

Whitmarsh Presides as Board President While Small Children Suffer

Take a look at this comment on the Contra Costa Times Education Blog in the box below.  Does this even register for President Whitmarsh?  Probably not as she drives her gold plated Lexus around.


  1. G Says:
    Dr. J isn’t far off. This morning my sprinklers went on at 6:30am and woke me. I decided I didn’t want them to go today, so went out to turn them off. An older boy and two younger boys were walking to school–yes, 6:30am. I asked where they went to school. The older boy was walking the two younger ones (a 3rd and a 5th grader) to Wren, and then he would back track, back past his home and down to MDHS. The little ones would be at school way too early, but that was the only way for the one in high school to make it back in time for his first class.
    What would the little ones do if no adult was at school yet? They would “hide out” in “their secret place” (with a few other kids that also have to get there really early) until others arrived–! No, they hadn’t been caught doing that yet, and they did it almost all of last year too. The littlest one said; “But sometimes it’s really cold.”
    I asked if it would be alright to give them a ride, but only would if they called their mom or dad first. No dad. Mom didn’t have a cell phone, and had left at the same time they did to walk to Bart, to go to work. But anyway, if I gave them a ride, they would just get there a half hour earlier and have to “hide out” a half hour longer.
    So, I asked how about we arrange in the future for me to pick the younger ones up and give them a ride at the right time. I gave them my number for mom to call and let me know. I was told her English isn’t very good, but they would ask her, and then call me if it was OK.
    I should mention that two blocks after they walked past my house, they would pass within one block of Holbrook Elementary–and still have a mile and a half to go for the little ones, and then the older one would backtrack another two miles or so to get to his school.
    Is there something wrong with this picture?
    How many new “overflow” kids will be hiding out in back of a strange school in a strange neighborhood, in the cold, waiting for adults to show up?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Are there any Whitmarsh supporters out there?

We read the blogs about MDUSD frequently, to date we have not come across a single Whitmarsh supporter with the exception of someone named Sue Berg.

Are you a Whitmarsh supporter?  Comment below.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

A couple of funny videos we found

Googling MDUSD brings up all kinds of funny stuff, as well as a bunch of things that can make you angry.

A couple of funny videos we found:

Remember vote for anyone, BUT VOTE NO ON WHITMARSH!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Is any of this true?

An alert reader let us know that Sherry Whitmarsh has started posting again on her blog,
Here is her statement verbatim from her blog (in its entirety):

"When I was elected to the Mt. Diablo Unified School District Board of Education four short years ago, the community wanted change.  I’m a current parent of a student in the District and I can tell you that I examine District needs as a parent.  Of the incumbents remaining on the Board, I’m the only Board Member with a student in our schools.  I ask tough questions and I expect honest answers.  I study the issues carefully and I make thoughtful and reasoned decisions.
As your board member I have helped facilitate positive change in the District. Though the state has reduced the District’s budget, MDUSD has been able to maintain financial stability.  I have championed strategic planning and provided the leadership necessary to bring about needed change.
There is much more to do.  We must improve communications.  We must set high standards for staff.  We must eradicate waste and inefficiency.  We must set high expectations for student achievement and conduct.
With your vote I will continue to work hard to bring about the positive changes that our District so badly needs. If you have questions or concerns I can be reached at or 925-899-4731. Thank you."

Is any of this true?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Is Sherry Whitmarsh Heartless?

Click on this link for video of the latest board meeting:

After watching this and knowing that Sherry hasn't yet apologized, do you think that she has a heart?

The Whimarsh "Gates" Dictionary

The Dictionary of Whimarsh Involved "Gates"

A list of the various "Gates" Sherry has been associated with over the years

ButtercupGate (early 2010) - an allegedly illegal board meeting held at the Buttercup restaurant after a contentious CAC meeting.  The attendees are assumed to be Paul Strange, Gary Eberhart, Steve Lawrence, and Sherry Whitmarsh.  Gary (blogs) and Paul (Noce) have in some ways fessed up to being present when questioned directly about it.  Sherry to this day refuses to admit or deny she was present (a school teacher moonlighting as a teacher at the time is rumored to have seen and heard them all).   The topic of discussion was rumored to be Chevron's involvement in the Solar Project.

IllegalbondGate (early 2012) - after questioning about the legality of using bond proceeds for particular transactions, Sherry claims that the board received the legal analysis verbally from Greg Rolen.  Gary claims that the board has seen the legal analysis (no idea in what form).  Mayo claims the entire board received a written legal analysis according to local blogs.  Hansen says she never received anything.

SanRamonMarriottGate (????) - when the board is questioned about the costs of holding a retreat at the San Ramon Marriot, Sherry Whitmarsh claims to have access to an anonymous donor to pick up the entire tab.  This anonymous donor is not identified.   Later when the meeting is deemed to be illegal (all board meetings are required to occur within district boundaries) Sherry still refuses to identify the anonymous donor.

BoardDictatorGate (early 2012) - As board president, Sherry runs the board like Assad runs Syria.  Although every board member is theoretically an equal, Sherry refuses to place items on the agenda that do not further her personally.  Additionally she refuses to acknowledge proper points of order requested by Hansen.